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About Us

“Water Water Everywhere and Not A Drop To Drink”

Do you understand the deep meaning of this message? Maybe “NO”.

But 3 brothers from a town of Haryana understood the deep meaning behind this message and decided to take responsibility to act upon it. They started in 1994 as “Premsukh Enterprises” to develop and manufacture water level controllers under the brand name “ARIHANT”. In 2016 the company got established as “Arihant Brothers Limited” and the rest is history.
The 3 founders realized the importance and need to control unnecessary wastage of water because of regular overflow of water tanks. Also, with the increase in demand of basic automation to make lives easier, the founders decided to design a product which will help save water and also make peoples life easier and their came the idea of a product which can control the water motors automatically. That’s how the idea transformed into development of various types of water level indicators and controllers as per different demands of customers.

With the establishment of our own R&D team, we went on to develop systems with a life of more than 8 years without any maintenance which helped our customers in the long run and that’s how we are operating until now. All the products and sensors developed by our company are completely maintenance free and have an average life of more than 8 years. This is how we brought ourselves as the premium brand in this category with premium products and premium services for our customers.

We then, moved forward and expanded our horizons to develop and manufacture controllers which are not limited to only water, but now can control any type of liquid and became “Liquid Level Controllers”. These systems can now control any type of motors used for any type of liquid like cooking oil, petrol, diesel, milk and many more. And these are now ready to be used in any type of industrial motors and all the systems can also be customized as per industries demand.

What you can expect from us?

Whether you belong to any type of industry, control any type of liquid, use any type of motor, we have got a solution for you. Being connected with us means, connecting with a 26year old brand trusted by more than 25,000 people all over Delhi/NCR region whose focus is to provide a product with a very long life and a service in which customers say “WOW”.